Kristin has spoken at countless middle school, high school, and college campuses. She regularly engages with local student groups, both in-person and online, speaking on topics such as coming out to family and friends, harnessing social media as a tool for social change, and working to combat the current administration's active measures against LGBTQ equality.

Sexuality and Gender Diversity Speaking Selections:

Harvard University • Oberlin College • NYU • Choate Rosemary SMASS • University of Surrey, UK • St. Lawrence University • Smith College • Guttman Community College • UVA • Ethical Culture Fieldstone School • Kenyon College • University at Redlands • UNC Greensboro • True Colors Conference • Whetstone High School • SXSW Interactive • Fordham University • Stanford University • Santa Monica High School • Minnesota OUT! Conference • University of Tennessee at Chattanooga • Sarah Lawrence University • Bard College • Kansas State University • SUNY Stonybrook • Boston College • Columbia University • and dozens more!



Kristin has consulted with businesses like Bloomberg and Tumblr on issues of sexuality and gender diversity, as well as on individual campaigns such as Ingrid Michaelson's Concert for Equality. She has also worked on several social media-based projects with a focus on brand building, audience expansion, and community outreach.

Sexuality and Gender Diversity Consulting Selections: 

Ingrid Michaelson's Concert for Equality: A Stand Against HB2 • OUR Restroom Nationwide Campaign • The Ally Coalition • Clark University Guidance Counselor Symposium • Horowitz Cultural Insights Forum • Tumblr Offices Social Action Diversity Panel • Bloomberg Offices Diversity Workshop


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