Kristin writes advice & essays for LGBTQ youth and their families on Everyone Is Gay and My Kid Is Gay, and authored This is A Book for Parents of Gay Kids (Chronicle, 2014). She has written for many other outlets including Cosmopolitan, Time, BuzzFeed, The Advocate, and Autostraddle, and her work has been featured on NPR, The Boston Globe, Newsweek, The Ellen Show, Chicago Tribune & more. 

This is a Book For Parents of Gay Kids (Chronicle, 2014)

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Essays & Advice:
On Self-Care & Activism (Everyone Is Gay, 2016)
Am I Or Am I Not A Lesbian? (Everyone Is Gay, 2016)
On Marriage Equality (Everyone Is Gay, 2015)
How To Marry a Musician in Ten Easy Steps (Autostraddle, 2013)


Kristin has worked as both host and producer for a variety of video series, including Autostraddle's Getting In Bed with Kristin, PBS Digital's First Person, and ULive's This is a Show for Parents of Gay Kids. You can see some of her more recent work featured below!