Since 2012, Kristin has run an annual All Ages Pride Party in NYC — a space dedicated to LGBTQ young people, their families, allies, and friends. The event works to prioritize collaborative, community-based engagement and to center queer and trans performers. Started as a response to the increasing number of 21+, alcohol-focused, corporate-driven events at many Pride celebrations across the country, it is believed to be the first Pride event in NYC that made a commitment to centering LGBTQ young people. This annual event is hosted on the Saturday of NYC Pride and is supported by grassroots organizations and artists committed to the liberation and radical empowerment of LGBTQ youth.

Flyer Design by Carra Sykes

Flyer Design by Carra Sykes

7th Annual All-Ages Pride Party
June 29, 2019 • NYC

Photos from our event by Molly Adams!

Sponsored for the second year running by The Tegan & Sara Foundation, and hosted for our fourth year at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe, we will had an incredible time gathering to celebrate pride with music & poetry!

Hosted by Khalin Vasquez and Kristin Russo, we had music by Adult Mom and Kississippi, and poetry from Urban Word NYC.

All Ages Pride is always free & open to the public.